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Cupping Treatment (Hijama)

Will there be any scars after hijama?

One of the most feared and wondered situations after cupping for detox, treatment and religious purposes is whether there will be any traces after cupping.

Scar tissues that occur in our body can cause problems in terms of aesthetics, as well as disrupt the energy flow of our body. For this reason, physicians who are especially interested in complementary medicine take maximum care not to leave any scars in their treatments.

The incisions made during hijama treatment should not be deep enough to leave scars. The most important point to be considered for this is that the treatment is done by a doctor who has knowledge of the layers of the skin. (Unfortunately, cupping is also frequently performed by people who are not doctors and are called under the stairs.  These people who identify the effectiveness of cupping with blood flowing can cause scars by making the incisions very deep.) The use of non-sterile instruments such as razors and the incision depth of which cannot be adjusted while doing cupping increases the possibility of scarring. increases. Instead, sterile and disposable instruments and surgical scalpels should be used in the hospital or practice environment.

The incision should remain in the top layer of the skin. It should be noted that the deep incision or the amount of blood that comes out does not increase the effectiveness of the treatment. On the contrary, it increases the possibility of infection and scarring. As a result of infection in any wound or incision, the probability of scarring and hyperpigmentation, which we call as a scar, increases during healing.

Under normal conditions, as a result of the procedures performed by the doctor in accordance with sterilization, both a more effective treatment is made and the risk of scarring and infection is reduced.