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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, which has been used in Far East countries for 3000 years, has been used in the treatment of many diseases in our country in recent years. Although acupuncture, which is performed by inserting special and thin needles into certain parts of the body according to the disease to be treated, is known as an alternative treatment method, it should definitely be done by doctors.
Although it is used a lot in Far East countries such as Japan and Korea, acupuncture is a method that China found and still applies. Founded thousands of years ago, acupuncture is still used today to treat diseases. It is known that acupuncture is applied instead of anesthesia even to people who will undergo surgery in China. Although there is no such practice in our country, acupuncture is used in the treatment of diseases such as high blood pressure, allergies, migraine, chronic pain and nausea. As you can guess, obesity is the most used ailment in our country. People struggling with obesity try to lose weight with acupuncture as well as diet and sports and get successful results.

Acupuncture is a treatment performed by inserting special and thin needles into certain parts of the body and stimulating those areas. Although it is not known exactly why these needles are inserted into the places in that area and what effect they have, research shows that they increase serotonin and endorphins, which provide happiness in the body. For this reason, it is thought to reduce pain.

Weight Loss with Acupuncture In Istanbul, Turkey

Weight losswith acupuncture is one of the most preferred methods today. In recent years, changing living conditions, diets, eating and drinking habits and sedentary life have caused obesity to be seen even at very young ages. According to the data announced by the Ministry of Health, 30% of Turkey is struggling with obesity. In addition, the proportion of people who are described as overweight and obese is quite high. People who have difficulties in dieting or doing sports, or who prefer to be treated as a supplement, apply to acupuncture. Slimming with acupuncture gives successful results when done by the right people. So, how to lose weight with acupuncture?

Does acupuncture weaken?Acupuncture experts help you lose weight if done by the right people. In the treatment of acupuncture, the energy flow of the body is affected and the following effects that help weight loss are achieved;

Decreased appetite and stress by affecting the hunger center in the brain (There is a close relationship between stress and overeating) acceleration of metabolism.

When we look at these effects, we can understand that acupuncture alone will not weaken without diet and sports. The aim of acupuncture treatment is to assist the patient in the struggle for weight loss. It is not always easy to change the eating-drinking order and to organize activities such as sports into a routine order. Some people find it difficult to quit their habits, getting used to a new order can have a devastating effect on them. Acupuncture also helps people in establishing this new order, and the person who feels good and happy is also healthier. Speaking of habit, let’s underline that acupuncture also treats smoking addiction.

Since the ear is close to the brain, many acupuncture treatments are done through the ear. In order to lose weight, needles are inserted into the acupuncture points in the ear. The applied acupuncture needles stay in the ear for about 10 days. During this period, the person feels full, adapts to his diet faster, increases the metabolic rate and even accelerates fat burning. All these effects result in a positive weight loss process. At the same time, if the person has other ailments (for example, chronic pain, migraine, stomachache), it is aimed to treat these disorders and a combined treatment is applied.

It is possible to lose weight with acupuncture, moreover, it allows you to pass the slimming process very easily. During the duration of the acupuncture treatment, if regular diet and sports are done, a very healthy weight can be lost. “How much weight is lost with acupuncture?” There is no clear answer to the question, but it is possible to lose 10 percent of your total weight in about 2 months. This rate may vary according to the person’s weight status, may be less or more.

Acupuncture Slimming Reviews In Istanbul

Treatment on acupuncture slimming points will definitely give positive results. When you examine the acupuncture weight loss reviews list on the internet, you can see that people have positive experiences, lose weight quickly and have no difficulty in this process. Effects such as a rapid decrease in appetite, getting used to the diet very quickly, and accelerating the metabolism make every person trying to lose weight happy. In addition, seeing these effects in the body helps the person to do his diet and sports regularly, and to increase his motivation.

Acupuncture Prices In Istanbul Turkey

Acupuncture prices vary according to the content of the treatment to be applied. Although the sessions usually last 20 minutes, the doctor can increase this time if necessary. The duration of the session, the frequency of the session and the disease it will be used for determine the average price. In your search for Acupuncture Nişantaşı, our clinic offers you solutions for your treatment and ailments. For more detailed information about acupuncture and to make an appointment, please contact us.