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weight loss with mesotherapy

Is it possible to lose weight with mesotherapy?Mesotherapy for lipolysis in Istanbul Turkey

Very surprising results are achieved in slimming or local slimming treatments with mesotherapy. Local fat problems may occur due to a sedentary lifestyle, genetic reasons, hormonal disorders, childbirth or medication use. In addition, less work of the muscles in some parts of our body can also accelerate this process. Patients who are disturbed by this situation can get the body they long for with mesotherapy.

How is mesotherapy done in local slimming treatment?

It becomes difficult to melt regional fat with sports and diets. Because it is very difficult to burn regional fats that gain resistance over time. For this reason, doctors who perform weight loss treatments with mesotherapy prefer subcutaneous injection to the patient. The cocktail injected with mesotherapy helps melt fat tissues and accelerates blood circulation. In the treatment of local slimming, mesotherapy products are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer. The number and frequency of sessions vary from patient to patient and the amount of product injected. In this way, local slimming is achieved with mesotherapy without the need for any other procedure.

Is mesotherapy preferable to liposuction for local slimming?

Patients who want local slimming generally complain about local fat in the waist, legs, abdomen and arm areas. For local slimming, either the liposuction method or the mesotherapy method can be preferred. However, doctors who perform medical aesthetics also prefer mesotherapy instead of liposuction for local slimming. Patients who are disturbed by the scars left in the application area after liposuction and symptoms such as bruising and edema have started to turn to mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is preferred by patients and doctors as there is no healing process and no scarring in local slimming.

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