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Skin Care - Anti Aging Skin Care - How to Perform Professional Medical Skin Care? What should be considered? - Prices in Istanbul Turkey

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What is skin care in Istanbul?

How to Perform Professional Medical Skin Care in İstanbul?

Skin care is a special set of practices performed to eliminate the negative effects of time and environmental effects on the skin. Healthy and beautiful looking skin can be achieved through skin care. Our skin, which covers our entire body, is considered the largest organ. Our skin has a structure that reflects our aesthetic appearance and health status. The skin structure, which is exposed to aging and environmental effects, wears out over time and presents a negative appearance in terms of both aesthetics and health. Skin care is special procedures applied to protect and restore the health of the skin, which has an important place in our lives. These special skin care procedures can be done at home or in Medical Aesthetic Clinics.

What is Medical Skin Care?

Medical skin care is a professional care application that covers the elimination of problems that occur on the skin due to external factors and aging, as well as problems caused by health reasons. Medical skin care should be performed by professionals who have specialized training in this field. Unlike classical home skin care, it is possible to get effective and fast results in medical skin care. In medical skin care, some special medical devices and products used by experts are applied.

Some skin problems can be improved with medical skin care. These skin problems include:

  • Pimples and acne
  • Black and white spots
  • Sun spots
  • Freckles
  • Wrinkles
  • Pore blockage
  • Skin oiliness and dryness
  • Skin sagging

Medical skin care often involves therapeutic applications. Medical skin care should be applied in a clinical environment, where hygiene rules should be observed. The truth is that medical skin care is not an ordinary cosmetic procedure.

What are medical skin care applications?

Some of the medical skin care applications that should be performed in a clinic environment are:

  • Chemical Peeling Treatment: Chemical peeling is a method of cleaning dead cells on the skin surface in a controlled manner. This method is used in dermatology treatments as well as skin care. Some chemical products are also used in peeling application. Thanks to the acids used in the chemical peeling process, the upper layer of the problematic skin is abraded and the ground is prepared for the skin to renew itself. Exfoliating chemicals used generally include alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and various combinations thereof.
  • Laser Treatment: In skin care, laser application improves skin blemishes, pregnancy spots, skin tone and wrinkles. Laser treatment is an option that can provide rapid results. Although the results vary depending on skin type, 70% - 90% improvement can be achieved on blemishes.
  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion, a vacuum system, is the process of cleaning the damaged structure on the upper layer of the skin with aluminum oxide crystals. This process is effective on skin blemishes and accelerates skin regeneration.
  • Botox Applications: Botox, is a method that acts on the muscles and is used to improve wrinkles on the skin. Botox, which has various usage areas, can be used on the skin, lips, chin, nose and crow's feet areas. Botox needs to be repeated at certain intervals.
  • Filling Applications: Unlike Botox, fillers, are applied under the skin and work by increasing the volume in the treated area. By injecting fillers and hyaluronic acid, the skin gains volume, heals wrinkles and provides a more youthful appearance. Since the filler is absorbed by the body over time, the application must be repeated.
  • Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is the application of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other components to the mesoderm layer of the skin by injection with micro needles. Mesotherapy can be used for skin care against skin damage, blemishes, cracks and aging effects.
  • PRP: PRP, is obtaining platelet-enriched plasma separated from the person's own blood by special centrifuge devices. The rich mixture obtained by this method is injected into the skin together with a serum. With PRP, skin elasticity increases and fine wrinkles and sagging are improved.
  • Dermaroller - Dermapen or Micro Needling: Dermaroller and dermapen have a working system called micro needling. In microneedling, stimulation is performed on the skin through mini needles. Thanks to needle contact with the skin, collagen and elastin synthesis in this area is increased and the skin is renewed. The Dermaroller device contains a roller with many tiny needles and is used on large skin surfaces. Dermapen is a system that allows precise processing in smaller areas. In this application, serums appropriate to the need can be used.
  • Hydrafacial Application: Hydrafacial application is a skin cleansing application that consists of several stages and uses the vacuuming method and some solutions.
  • Acne Treatments: It occurs as a result of the blockage of the oil secretion channels in the skin and the accumulation of debris there becomes infected. Prescription medication or medical laser treatment can be used to treat advanced acne.

How to care for skin?

Skin care is very important for our skin to always have a healthy and aesthetic appearance. Skin care should be done regularly. Preferred skin care to maintain the skin's moisture balance, clean dead cells on the skin and reduce signs of aging is done as follows:

  • Skin Type Assessment: First of all, skin problems must be detected by a skin care specialist. At this stage, your skin characteristics are also analyzed. Proper skin care is not possible without knowing your skin type.
  • Cleaning: Residues on the skin are cleared. Facial cleansing should be done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The skin should be cleaned of make-up, oil and other residues.
  • Moistening: Maintaining moisture balance is very important for healthy skin. Skin that loses its moisture begins to flake and this does not cause a pleasant appearance. There are moisturizers produced for dry or oily skin types. Moisturizers selected according to skin type increase the skin's elasticity and vitality.
  • Sun Protection: Sun cream should be used to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. The elastin structure found in the skin, which gives the skin elasticity, is damaged by sunlight.The sun causes skin stains and aging. Skin cancer is caused by exposure to harmful sunlight.
  • Skin Care Applications: Peeling, laser, microdermabrasion, botox, filler, dermaroller, dermapen, hydrafacial care and acne treatments, which we mentioned in the title of medical applications for skin care, are applied according to need. These applications are performed by Specialist Dr. in our Medical Aesthetics Clinic. It is applied precisely after the examinations performed by Muhsine Zeynep YAVUZ.
  • Proper Nutrition: In addition to regular skin care for healthy and beautiful skin, healthy nutrition is also very important. Failure to take the vitamins and minerals necessary for skin health can cause premature aging and skin depletion. Therefore, you should eat balanced and regularly. If necessary, you can get a dietary recommendation for your daily life and work life, with the help of a dietician. Don't forget to consume plenty of water for skin care.

What Order Should You Apply Skin Care Products?

When doing skin care, it should not be forgotten that in addition to choosing the appropriate product for your skin type, the order in which these products are used is also important. However, you can benefit from these applications when the skin care order is correct.

Skin cleansing is at the top of the skin care list. A clean skin means that it is free of waste and ready for subsequent applications. Skin cleansing should be done carefully in the morning and evening. You can use skin cleansing foam and gel.

You can relax the skin by using a tonic behind the skin cleansing. When choosing a tonic, you can also choose products that contain vitamins and acids that nourish the skin.

You can use it after toning, preferably serums that will help to nourish the skin and eliminate the damage caused by environmental effects.

You should then use moisturizing creams to help maintain the skin's moisture balance. The moisturizers prevent dry skin and make your skin look healthy and lively.

In the last stage, you can use suns creams to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Skin Care Prices in Istanbul Turkey

For skin care prices, detailed skin analysis is required at Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Complementary Medical and Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Nişantaş, Istanbul. The methods and products to be applied after this analysis can be determined. But then skin care prices can be set. In Istanbul, you can contact us to provide skin care and medical skin care at affordable prices in a clinical setting.