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Ozone, which is found in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere in the world, is formed especially by the electric axis created by lightning. This gas that surrounds our world, protect us from the sun’s UV rays.

It is obtained by adding 1 oxygen atom to the 2-atomic oxygen (O2) in the air (O3). It is biologically very active and immediately changes its structure as soon as it enters the body. Ozone used for medical purposes is produced from pure oxygen with the help of special generators.

benefits of ozone therapy- infographic


  • It increases the oxygenation of tissues and organs. By increasing the elasticity of red blood cells (erythrocytes), it ensures sufficient oxygen to reach even the most remote areas with impaired blood supply and nutritional problems.
  • It activates the liver cells, which have a main role in the elimination of toxins in our body, and activates the detox mechanisms. Thus, it helps to remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals accumulated in our body.
  • It increases the nutrition of the tissues by opening the small blockages in the vessel wall. It also helps to lower blood pressure with its effect on the vessel walls.
  • It increases blood flow and increases tissue and organ nutrition.
    In cancer treatment, it is used together with cancer drugs to increase the effect of drugs and reduce their side effects. (treatment in cancer patients must be carried out in combination with the oncologist they are followed)
  • It strengthens the immune system and reduces the disease-causing effects of microorganisms. It is also the strongest known antimicrobial agent.
    By ensuring the correct functioning of the immune system, it helps to control diseases such as hypersensitivity, asthma and allergies.
  • It provides relief by increasing the release of endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.


  • To strengthen immunity
  • In the treatment of allergic diseases (asthma-eczema)
  • In the treatment of acne
  • In the treatment of infectious diseases
    in wound healing
  • In the treatment of circulatory problems
  • To reduce side effects in cancer patients
    in diabetics
  • Chronic fatigue treatment
  • In gastrointestinal problems
    for detox purposes
  • In kidney and liver dysfunction
  • Ozone therapy can be used safely.

The treatment of acne with ozone


in pregnant women
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency in red blood cells (favizzm-bean allergy) in those

  • Chronic alcohol users
  • In those with advanced anemia
  • Those with high thyroid hormone levels
  • In those who are conscious
  • Those who have had a heart attack or brain hemorrhage in the last 6 months
  • In patients using drugs that suppress the immune system (after organ transplantation) or in patients with compromised immune system (HIV)
  • In advanced cancer patients
  • Those who are allergic to ozone

Ozone therapy should NOT be done.


Major ozone therapy: An average of 100 cc of blood taken from the patient is mixed with ozone at a dose and amount determined for the individual and given back to the body via the vascular access.
Minor ozone therapy: 2-5 cc of blood taken from the patient is mixed with ozone and injected into the muscle.
Subcutaneous injection: In the treatment of skin diseases and skin rejuvenation, a certain dose and rate of ozone is injected under the skin.
Vaginal application: It is done by direct injection of ozone into the vagina, especially in the treatment of infection in the vagina and cervix.
Rectal ozone: It is made by direct administration of ozone gas from the anus to the intestines. Its effects are close to that of major ozone therapy.
Bagging method: Especially in the treatment of diabetic foot and non-healing wounds, a special bag is placed on the injured area and ozone is given inside.

Ozone Therapy Treatment by Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz

What is rectal ozone therapy?

This technique consists of injecting ozone into the body through the rectum. This may be a strange thing to sound; nevertheless, ozone is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream from the walls of the rectum. Ozone treatment boosts oxygen consumption throughout the body, improving blood circulation, assisting in the decrease of inflammation and stabilising the immune system.

Rectal insufflation is a non-invasive way of delivering ozone in your home that is as efficient as blood techniques, but does not need injections, syringes or disturbances. It simply requires more common treatments to obtain a high dose as high as blood methods. Rectal insufflation is especially beneficial for intestinal discomfort such as colitis and can also help recover a restored healthy intestinal microflora.


We look for ways to strengthen our immune system, especially in winter and epidemic periods. We try to do this both by taking vitamin store fruits and by supplementing foods. However, ozone therapy is one of the methods that strengthen the immune system at the highest rate. Ozone therapy undoubtedly strengthens the immune system.

Studies have shown that ozone therapy increases the number of protective cells in our body that fight microorganisms. It increases the power of existing cells at the same time, making them more protective.


Ozone therapy can be used for wound healing by triggering many different mechanisms.

One of the most important factors in wound healing is good nutrition of the wound area. In many diseases with vascular damage such as diabetes, the most important reason why the wounds do not heal for a long time is the insufficient blood flow in the wound area. Ozone therapy increases oxygen flow and nutrition in the area of the wound. By increasing the regional messengers that provide the formation of new vessels, it creates new young vessels and therefore the blood flow to the wound area increases.

One of the most important reasons for non-healing wounds and frequent infections is the poor functioning of the immune system. Ozone therapy strengthens the immune system and enables the cells that protect our body to successfully fight microorganisms in the wound area. In addition, ozone directly kills microorganisms and significantly reduces the number of pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms in the environment.

Again, ozone therapy helps to make rapid progress in wound treatment by increasing the growth factors that will enable the formation of new cells and the early closure of the wound, independently of these.


The liver is the place where toxins entering our body are eliminated or sent to the gallbladder for disposal. By using ozone therapy, we also relax our liver. Ozone cleans the toxins in the blood by direct oxidation and reduces the burden of the liver in detoxification.

Ozone therapy also increases the self-renewal of liver cells. Thus, the detoxification abilities of liver cells are also increased.


For a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, first of all, our skin needs to be well nourished. Ozone increases capillary blood supply and oxygenation, making our skin healthier. In addition, direct injection of ozone into the skin locally increases hyaluronic acid, collagen and growth factors. As is known, we inject hyaluronic acid into the skin under the name of youth vaccine or moisture vaccine. In addition, collagen is a substance that gives the skin its elasticity and provides youth. With the oozone injection, the level of both increases and we have a healthier and younger skin.


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