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Lip Filler Prices - Benefits - Istanbul Nisantasi

Products in the field of cosmetics, which are constantly evolving and being renewed, are also guiding applications in the area of aesthetics and beauty. Today, lip filling has become one of the aesthetic filling practices preferred by many women and men. Lips are very good for those with congenital or post-natal deformities, those with thin and volume-less lips, or those who want their lips to be much more voluminous.

What is Lip Filling?

Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure that is usually performed by injecting the filling content of hyaluronic acid and auxiliary components into the lips and around the lips. The contents used in lip infusion ensure that the lips are given the desired shape by means of volume-adding method. The lips become more filled, pronounced and voluminous.

It is important that the lip filling procedure is performed by specialised doctors in a clinical environment. Lip filler, which is a cosmetic procedure, is important for successful results and rapid recovery after a specialist doctor performs a general health check. Located in Nisantasi, Istanbul, Specialised Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Complementary Medicine and Medical Aesthetics Clinic is one of the centres recommended by patients for lip augmentation. If you want to have lip filling, you can get more detailed information and make an appointment by contacting our clinic.

How is Lip Filling Done?

The lip filling is a simple expression of the patient-specific hyaluronic acid-based filling injected into the specified areas after topical anesthesia. The manufacturing stages of the lipstick are detailed as follows:

  • General health monitoring and evaluation: The general health assessment of those who wish to have a lip implant is first done by our specialist physician. If any, the ongoing treatment and medications used will be evaluated. Expectations of the patient's desire and filling with respect to the lip region are examined. There is a plan for the lip filling to be done in this direction.
  • Determination of filling: The filling content is determined according to the planned lip filling by our specialist doctor.
  • Application of topical anesthesia: If very thin needles are used during the application, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to reduce pain. This minimizes the inconvenience of the procedure.
  • Injection procedure: Lip plaque is injected in areas identified in accordance with the treatment plan.
  • Shaping: Our specialist physician does the shaping to give the lips the desired shape. Additional injections may be given to the affected areas if necessary.
  • Completion of filling: A cold compression can be applied to the lip area after the forming is completed. After the procedure is completed, the patient can return to daily life immediately.

  • The practice is very practical and a person-specific practice that gives quick results. Remember, like all aesthetic practices, lip infusion gives healthier results when done by a specialist.

    What are the Benefits of Lip Filling?

    Lip filling is a practice that benefits many people with aesthetic concerns and thus gains self-confidence. The main benefits of lip filling can be listed as follows:

  • Fullness and clarity in the lips: Lips are very thin and volume-free, making the lips more full and pronounced.
  • Elimination of thin lines: The hyaluronic plaster improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip. The improvement of the developing lines around the lip depending on age and environmental conditions gives a younger and smoother appearance.
  • Natural appearance: Lip filling made by expert doctors allow you to reach natural-looking lips. Otherwise, the lips may turn away from their natural appearance and become uncomfortable.
  • The filling is temporary and renewable: Since lip fillers are temporary, the effect disappears over time and needs to be renewed. This makes it possible to intervene in unsatisfied or requested changes.
  • The recovery period is short: The rapid recovery time after the lip filling allows the person to return to daily life immediately.
  • Lip Filling Prices - Istanbul Nisantasi

    The prices vary depending on the patient's treatment in lip shape, the type of filling to be used, the brand, and the quantity. Our patients in Istanbul who want to know the prices of lip filling can contact Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Complementary Medical and Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Nisantasi Istanbul. You can get more accurate information about the lip fillers prices after examination and evaluation by our expert doctor.