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Hypnosis Istanbul for Anxiety - Quit Smoking - Weight Loss - Hypnotherapy Cost in Istanbul Turkey

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Hypnosis, also known as the trance state, means sleep in Greek. However, it should be known that hypnosis is not exactly sleeping. It is said that when observed from the outside, the hypnotized person appears to be in a blissful sleep. So is hypnosis a sleep? The question has puzzled people for years. As a result of his wrong observation, Scottish Doctor James Braid named this trance state hypnosis, inspired by Hynosis, known as the god of sleep in Ancient Greece. Shortly after this event, Dr. Although Braid realized that this was not a state of sleep and made the necessary explanation, the name hypnosis continued to be used.

The areas where hypnotherapy is used; eliminate pain, reducing anxiety, coping with obesity, eliminating Smoking-alcohol, to prevent sexual dysfunction


Hypnotherapy is the name given to the forms of treatment applied during hypnosis. Hypnotherapy, which is a type of psychotherapy, is interpreted as a trance or altered awareness of the individual. It is known that hypnotherapy is a type of treatment that has been used since ancient times. Although hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two words that are often used interchangeably, they mean different things. In medicine, hypnotherapy is a form of treatment applied to the individual under hypnosis.


Demonstration hypnosis is banned in many countries. Persons who will perform hypnotherapy must be people who have received training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This authority is vested in physicians, dentists and clinical psychologists. Hypnosis is not a very difficult practice. But being able to treat illness with hypnosis requires professional training rather than skill. In addition, after the training received, practitioners are expected to apply hypnotherapy only in their areas of expertise. When evaluated legally, it is seen that experts should use hypnosis within the limits of their expertise. For example, a dentist is not authorized to treat a serious condition such as panic disorder with hypnosis.


Who is hypnotherapy for? Before seeking an answer to his question, hypnotizability should be discussed. Hypnotizability means susceptibility to hypnosis. Not everyone has the same susceptibility to hypnosis. This means that not everyone can be hypnotized. Only 10-15% of the general population is highly susceptible to hypnosis. It has been observed that effective results are obtained when hypnotherapy is applied to such people. On the other hand, 10-15% of them are resistant to hypnosis. The remainder are moderately susceptible to hypnosis. The areas where hypnotherapy is used are as follows:

  • Eliminate pain
  • Reducing anxiety before and after surgery
  • Controlling irritable bowel syndrome
  • Coping with obesity
  • Eliminating smoking and alcohol addiction
  • To prevent sexual dysfunctions
  • Overcoming panic disorders
  • Treatment of uncontrolled behaviors that will minimize the person’s quality of life, such as stuttering and nighttime urination.
  • Relieve immune system disorders
  • To provide subconscious cleaning for a beautiful pregnancy process and a healthy birth start

It should not be forgotten that it is possible for the doctor applying hypnosis to shape the treatment process specific to each patient. Some patients respond to treatment in 6 sessions, while others can overcome the same problem in 8 hours. It is not correct for people to compare the treatment process applied by the doctor and the methods applied in the treatment with others.


The specialist who decides to do hypnotherapy should first look at the predisposition of the person to be applied to this form of treatment. It is not recommended to apply hypnotherapy, especially to someone who has a serious mental disorder. Hypnotherapy is done in three stages.

Trance in hypnotherapy: During this time, the person will experience mild hypnosis and deep hypnosis phases. When a person enters a trance, the transition to deep hypnosis begins.

Suggestion Stage in Hypnotherapy:  At this stage, deep hypnosis begins. The person who enters deep hypnosis goes into a trance state and the person’s subconscious becomes active. The active subconscious allows the receiving of suggestions that make the cure possible.

Out of Trance Stage in Hypnotherapy: In the stage of coming out of trance, the person’s conscious resistance is brought and the state of relaxation disappears. After this stage, the person can continue his daily life from where he left off.



Immune system disorders are serious health problems. In line with the researches, results have been obtained that hypnosis strengthens the immune system. Based on the weakening of the immune system under stress, researchers in Columbus, Ohio, have followed these periods and argued that hypnosis strengthens the immune system. As a result of clinical practice and experience, it has been observed that the immune systems of patients are regulated by hypnotherapy.



Anxiety disorder, which is synonymous with anxiety disorder, is the inability to control one’s thoughts. People with anxiety problems become prisoners of their fears and become unable to think straight. Anxiety becomes a problem when ordinary stress and anxiety persist for more than 6 months. If the person cannot manage this negative process that affects his/her normal life, he/she should definitely get expert support. Hypnosis therapy is a widely used method in stress and anxiety disorders. When anxiety is started to be treated with hypnotherapy, the main purpose is to identify the psychological problem here and seek a solution. The specialist who applies hypnotherapy convinces the patient to accept the negative situation by offering solutions. Getting away from the anxiety disorder during hypnosis allows the person to react normally. This is the biggest factor in the effectiveness of the treatment. It can be said that many psychological disorders can be resolved as soon as possible with hypnotherapy.



Smoking addiction is both physical and psychological addiction. The fact that this strong addiction, which has settled in the subconscious, cannot be easily abandoned is due to the strong psychological dependence. Physical dependence on cigarettes can disappear in an average of 4 months. The definition of addiction is quite serious. When a person quits something they are addicted to, their body can react. The severity of this reaction will vary from person to person. People who aim to quit smoking must first accept that it is an addiction and requires treatment. The number of people who get rid of cigarettes with hypnosis is quite high. In fact, one of the most effective ways in the world to get rid of smoking addiction is hypnotherapy. During the hypnotherapy session, suggestions are made to the person by going down to the subconscious. Moreover, with hypnotherapy, cigarette addiction will end in a nervous, stress-free and easy way.



It is a topic that has been on the agenda for years that it is possible to lose weight with hypnosis. Obesity is one of the most common health problems of our age. In addition to the excessive eating habits of people with obesity, psychological, biological and genetic factors that trigger this condition are also thought to have an effect. Specialist therapists should give information about the therapy process when approaching obesity individuals. When the urge to eat outweighs, the person may not be able to think clearly. Cooperation with the family is of great importance for the effectiveness of the applied therapy. Although there are many treatment methods used to lose weight, it has been observed that one of the most effective is hypnotherapy. Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between susceptibility to hypnosis and weight loss. Hypnotic suggestions given to individuals starting hypnotherapy are seriously helpful in coping with the urge to eat. During hypnosis, different suggestions are given according to the patient’s condition and the specialist’s direction of treatment.



Stress is an important factor in the acceleration of many psychological and physical disorders. As the stressed person is seriously worried that this situation will not pass, he also fails in stress management. Stress, which is accepted as the disease of the 21st century, is a disturbing problem that everyone can face at any time. Stress is not a result that comes out of nowhere. It is a response to psychological and physiological distress. When stress is not taken under control for a long time, it can cause a decrease in body resistance and even the emergence of various diseases. Therefore, stress treatment should not be delayed as much as possible.

Is it possible to treat stress with hypnotherapy? Despite the question, it can be said that hypnotherapy is a method with rapid results in the treatment of stress. Stress progresses gradually. Hypnotherapy is a reliable way to get efficiency in each of these stages. How hypnotherapy copes with stress can be expressed as follows. At the beginning of the treatment, it is studied to reduce the anxiety that occurs with stress. Subsequently, the way in which the events that cause stress is interpreted changes. Finally, how to be resistant to stress? This question is focused on and the person is helped to learn various behavioral patterns. Communication between the hypnotherapy practitioner and the person experiencing stress is very important. The attitude of the hypnotherapist plays a big role in getting the efficiency of the stress management treatment.



Uncontrollable cravings are called addictions, and this is not a healthy condition. An insistent attitude is displayed in this desire for any object, person or substance. Unless the person experiencing the problem accepts the addiction, it is very difficult to resolve this sick state. Alcohol addiction is a problem that can happen to people of all classes. There are many patients who get rid of alcohol addiction with hypnotherapy and respond positively to treatment. In therapy sessions, first of all, the cause of alcohol addiction is determined, and then this type of learned behavior is tried to be eliminated.

Alcohol addiction is not an easy disorder that can be overcome by self-control. Those who want to be treated should definitely seek professional help. With hypnotherapy, the path followed for alcohol addicts is to go down to the subconscious and change the person’s perspective on alcohol.



Birth is a special adventure for every pregnant woman. Every mother wants to hold her baby in a healthy way, but some experience more anxiety in the process. For a woman who experiences frequent bouts of anxiety, giving birth can also be worrisome. Although there are many methods to reduce or even end these anxieties, hypnosis draws attention as a permanent and convincing form of treatment. Birth is a special moment when hormones become seriously imbalanced and a different mood surrounds the expectant mother. In order to remember this moment with good feelings and make it forgotten, the method of controlling the subconscious fear like hypnosis is quite appropriate. According to some, hypnosis is defined as relaxation and relaxation, while others express it as a pleasant dream feeling. But there is no such thing as loss of consciousness. Birth with hypnosis should not be considered as a treatment, but should be kept in mind as a complementary therapy.

Unnecessary rumors spread by the public play a serious role in the lives of women. Psychology is such a deep field that people inevitably become unable to control some of their thoughts after a while. According to legends made up by the people, childbirth is always a painful, shouting, laborious and tiring act. It is impossible to give birth without panic! There is never such a situation. From a logical point of view, it is clear that pregnancy and childbirth are a normal process and that the incoming birth waves support the reunion of the baby. However, environmental pressure has increased the prejudices about birth and the person has been unable to manage their anxiety. Anyone who wants to give birth with hypnosis should know the following.

During hypnosis, the body will relax.

The mind will find peace by being freed from the fears that surround it.

Relaxation of the mind means relaxation of the muscles.

The baby will progress much more comfortably in this state of relaxation experienced by the mother, and even the mother’s slight contractions will work.

The hypnosis method, which starts during pregnancy, is completed in 8 or 10 sessions depending on the mother’s condition. In the meantime, the pregnancy process is supported with relaxation exercises and breathing training.



When hypnosis is applied before the surgical procedure, there are findings that the symptoms of stress are reduced in patients. It is already known that anxiety and anxiety are reduced by hypnosis. It is unclear what situations can trigger anxiety in people. Anxiety is a common condition, especially in people who have had to undergo surgery for a certain ailment and have never had surgery before. In the light of the studies, positive changes were observed in the patient before and after some surgical procedures using the hypnosis method. For example, severe anxiety in the patient before cardiac surgery can also lead to negativities after surgery. It has been determined that patients who feel severe pain in the surgical incisions tend to use painkillers. Physicians, who argue that drugs should be used as little as possible due to the various side effects of drugs, have experienced the hypnosis technique. It has been observed that the hypnotherapy technique, which was tried in the presence of experts before the heart surgery, worked.



His brain and gut are in a bidirectional connection with each other. Stress does not only affect the organ in which it develops. The flutter of thoughts in the mind can cause an important organ such as the intestine to be seriously affected. Throughout history, applications have been made to determine whether hypnosis can be effective on digestive system disorders. Over the years, it has been able to take hypnotherapy to a very different dimension in the developing science and managed to get down to the stress sources of irritable bowel syndrome. By trying to eliminate the causes, hypnosis was found to be curative for irritable bowel syndrome. It has been observed that people with this disease make positive progress after 6-8 sessions of hypnotherapy. Interfering with negative thoughts in the mind with hypnosis increases the quality of life. Negative thoughts affect the brain-gut balance. These thoughts can be regressed with hypnotherapy, helping the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.




Sexual dysfunction is one of the most common disorders. It can cause serious disconnections in the life of the person who has this problem. The society we live in has a prejudiced point of view towards sexual issues. For this reason, disruptions related to sexuality cause more anxiety in the person and prevent them from reaching a solution. Hypnosis applied during hypnotherapy is never done without the consent of the patient. The person who will do the hypnosis must trust one hundred percent. In order to control consciousness, the person should surrender to his doctor. For sexual therapy with hypnosis, the person experiencing sexual problems must accept the problem. Because if there are question marks in his mind and he sees himself as sexually competent, it is very difficult for the person to respond to treatment.

Let’s take vaginismus, which is one of the most frequently complained sexual dysfunctions. Vaginismus is simply the inability to have sexual intercourse or encountering an uncomfortable pain while having intercourse. Although women focus on that this problem will go away after a while, it is very difficult to deal with without treatment. It has been observed that vaginismus disease, whose treatment was postponed, completely disappeared with hypnosis. It has been seen that not only vaginismus, but also sexual problems with psychological basis such as inability to orgasm or sexual arousal disorder have been solved with hypnosis.

Sexual Disorders That Can Be Resolved With Hypnosis Are As Follows:

  • Vaginismus
  • Late Ejaculation
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Gender Identity Conflict
  • Painful Sexual
  • Intercourse
    inability to ejaculate
  • Impotence
  • Sexual Disgust Disorder
  • Loss of sexual desire



During hypnosis, a trained hypnotherapist creates a state of intensive concentrativeness or focused attention. It is a controlled procedure involving vocal prompts and repetition.

The state of trance you experience might feel like sleep in some aspects, however, you are completely cognitive and aware of what's happening.

During this trance-like state, your therapist will help you achieve your therapeutic goals by making controlled interventions.

Since you're in a more intense state of alertness, you could be more receptive to proposals or guidance that you might discount or reject in your ordinary state of mind.

At the end of the meeting, your therapist will awaken you from the hypnotic state or you will come out of it on your own.


The number of hypnotherapy sessions can start as 2 or 3 sessions per week and can last 6 to 12 sessions in total depending on the condition of the disease. Hypnotherapy, which is used in many areas such as pain treatment, irritable bowel syndrome, stress and anxiety disorder, smoking and alcohol addiction, sexual problems, pregnancy and birth process, is used as an alternative treatment method. Many patients who want to try the treatment method with hypnotherapy are curious about the therapy process and the number of sessions. It should not be forgotten that each individual's hypnotherapy process proceeds differently and the number of sessions varies. In Istanbul's leading Complementary Medicine and Medical Aesthetics Clinic, hypnotherapy session duration can be determined after the examination of Hypnotherapy Specialist Dr Muhsine Yavuz.

The number of sessions of hypnotherapy is affected by various factors. These can be listed as follows

  • Individual Needs: The number of hypnotherapy sessions depends on the reasons for coming to therapy. For some patients, it may take several sessions to fulfil their needs, whereas for others it may take weeks. Your hypnotherapist will plan the sessions according to your needs.
  • Complexity of the problem: The duration of hypnotherapy can also vary depending on the type and complexity of the problem being addressed. In some cases, the fact that the problem becomes chronic and deep-rooted affects the duration and number of sessions.
  • Speed of Progress: Each individual's response to hypnotherapy sessions is different. While some patients can get quick results, sometimes it may be necessary to increase the duration and sessions of therapy.
  • Hypnotherapist and Patient's Trust Relationship: The mutual trust and positive dialogue environment established between the hypnotherapist and the patient affects the duration of the session.

The hypnotherapy process in our clinic is based on a personalised plan that you and your hypnotherapist will determine together and is designed to achieve the best results for your personal needs.



Official hospitals and clinics approved by the Ministry of Health are prohibited from stating figures related to hypnotherapy prices on their websites, and penal sanctions are applied to official institutions and organizations that do not comply with this rule. In addition, in order for Specialist Doctor Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz to give clear information about hypnotherapy application and prices, she should first examine the patient and analyze her current health status, and then decide on acupuncture sessions after listening to her complaints and expectations.

You can call Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic by using ☏ +90 (212) 234 43 32 ✆ +90(530)1266449 phone numbers or in case of online situations, you can call the live support line “How much are hypnotherapy prices, do you have a campaign in hypnotherapy treatment, before and after hypnotherapy treatment?” What needs to be done afterwards, how the processes are progressing” etc. You can get information by forwarding all your questions such as patient consultants.