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Hair Transplant Istanbul Cost - Fue Hair Transplant In Istanbul Turkey

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic - Istanbul


One of the most common problems today is hair loss. Especially those who lose their hair at a young age make this situation complex and become psychologically uneasy. Except for vitamin mineral deficiency and psychological hair loss, there is no definitive solution for many other hair loss. In general, those who use vitamin supplements say that their hair loss complaints are reduced. Even vitamins cannot prevent hair from falling out completely. If hair loss has occurred due to hair loss or for any reason, hair transplantation can be considered as a natural and permanent solution. It is possible to give consolation to the person who is upset after a haircut, as if the root of it will come out anyway. If the hair follicles are no longer active, it should be known that the resulting baldness is not a condition that has to be put up with. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles to the balding area is called hair transplantation.

Success Hair Transplant



Hair is a part of aesthetic appearance. Hair loss is a big problem, especially for people who care about the integrity of their appearance. The greatest beauty waiting for the person when hair transplantation is done is a real and natural appearance as if he has never lost his hair before. Hair transplant specialists agree that this treatment is a modern medical practice. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for healthy and natural hair appearance.


Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgical procedure preferred especially by men. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing to fear or worry about in hair transplantation. Those who have experienced hair transplantation generally say that the procedure is very easy. It is known that 50% of men aged 50 and over experience hair loss. Baldness is a very common condition, especially in men. As a result of this, hair transplantation is one of the treatments applied and the fastest results. Hair loss is not just a men’s problem. In fact, women will want to control their hair loss more quickly because they are more fond of their appearance. Sometimes genetic problems and sometimes psychological factors can be a factor in increasing the rate of hair loss. Whatever the reason behind hair loss, hair loss is not a problem you have to accept.



Hair loss is actually hair loss in the body. One of the biggest causes of hair loss caused by hair loss is genetic coding. Hair loss can also occur due to aging, traumatic injury and some medical diseases. It is not correct to apply any treatment without consulting a specialist physician. After your doctor makes the diagnosis, if there is what is needed for hair transplantation, the procedures can be started.



Thanks to the developing and changing technology, hair transplantation operations performed today have become quite easy. Thanks to this treatment, whose pain level is minimized, those who want to have a hair transplant do not abstain. Hair transplantation is an operation that should be performed only by experts in this field. The openings, especially on the top and forehead, are closed with strong hair follicles by applying local anesthesia under sterile conditions in clinics. The size of the area to be transplanted will affect the treatment time. When the hair transplant process is over, it is best not to leave the house within the time recommended by the doctor. It should be noted that it is normal for the hair to begin to shed a few weeks after hair transplantation. New hair grows from strong hair follicles and a healthy appearance is achieved.

Hair Transplant operation



While performing hair transplantation, treatment is started based on the method that is suitable for the person’s condition through two basic methods.

Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation ( FUT ) Method

This technique applied is a surgical procedure. A thin strip of hair is cut from the nape of the person. Hair follicles taken from the nape are placed in the area where the hair is needed. After the procedure, approximately 8 – 15 cm scars remain on the nape. Fut technique is an old method.

Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) Method

This method has more advantages because it is up-to-date. There is no surgical scar in the FUE method. There is no incision. Hair follicles in the nape area are taken one by one. These roots are transferred to the channels in that region where they will be planted.

If the treatment is to be successful, the procedures must be performed by experienced doctors. The correct result of the hair transplant shows that the treatment is effective. The procedures to be applied may vary from person to person due to factors such as hair and skin structure.

Is there any difference between hair loss treatment for men and women in Istanbul?

Turkey's male and female hair loss remedies vary. The reasons for hair loss in both genders are similar, but the therapy depends on the cause and the patient's hair loss pattern. Turkey's male and female hair loss treatments differ:

  • Hair transplant surgery: FUE is acceptable for both men and women; however, the hair transplant strategy depends on the patient's hairline and density objectives. Men desire crown coverage, while women seek a more natural hairline.
  • Oral finasteride, a hormone blocker, is the most popular medical hair loss therapy for males. However, pregnant women should not use this drug. Topical minoxidil may promote hair growth in women.
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment: PRP therapy may cure both men and women with hair loss; however, the concentration of platelets in the solution depends on gender and hair loss pattern.
  • Scalp micropigmentation (SMP): Gender and desired hairline look affect hairline design and pigment choices.

Turkey's hair loss treatment is customized for each patient, regardless of gender. Consult a Turkish hair loss expert to find the best therapy for your hair loss pattern and objectives


During hair transplantation, PRP obtained from the blood is injected into the hair follicles, allowing the roots to adhere more healthily and quickly, revitalizing the existing roots. In addition, the growth factors secreted from the platelets in the PRP also help the hair to grow healthy and fast. The solution produced by the name of PRP, one of the cells that helps the coagulation of the hair, ensures that the transplanted hair follicles are strong.


Hair Transplant operation


Medicines, herbal products and teas, and some supplemental vitamins that will impair the blood coagulation rate should not be used. Anything that will disrupt the healing process should be avoided. It would be a good decision not to consume anything containing alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine for a while. It is also important not to apply any gel or spray-like styling product to the hair before the operation.



In the process after hair transplantation, the person should be very careful. It is recommended that you lie on your back, especially when lying down.

Heavy exercises should be avoided for a while. The reason for this is to prevent excessive sweating and increase blood pressure.

Driving immediately after the operation is not recommended by experts.

At least 3 days after hair transplantation, hair washing is done as recommended and washing is done every day for 10 days.

It is not necessary to wait for the new hair to grow immediately. The result of the treatment can sometimes take 12-18 months. Although a period of time is mentioned statistically, the age, genetics and lifestyle of the person whose hair is done affect the time of new hair growth.

Hammam, sauna and solarium are places that should not be visited after hair transplantation.

After the procedure, the newly grown hair should not be cut or dyed within the time interval recommended by your doctor.

The hair transplant area should be protected from sunlight.

The use of hair care products recommended by the doctor after the surgery should not be neglected.


Hair Transplant operation

Can hair loss treatments prevent further hair loss? in Istanbul

Depending on the reason, hair loss treatments may delay or halt hair loss. Finasteride and minoxidil, FDA-approved hair loss treatments, have worked for some people. These drugs work best when taken regularly.

Hair transplant surgery may also replace hair lost owing to male or female pattern baldness or other reasons. Hair transplant surgery transplants hair follicles from parts of the scalp not affected by hair loss to those that are.

Remember that hair loss remedies aren't for everyone. Consult a Turkish hair loss expert to establish the reason of your hair loss and the best therapy for your requirements.

Can hair loss treatments be used in combination with other treatments? in Istanbul

Yes, hair loss therapies may frequently be combined to boost their efficacy. To maintain hair following a transplant, minoxidil or finasteride are typically given alongside hair transplant surgery.

Hair loss treatments may be used with scalp micropigmentation or hair fibres to hide hair loss.

Consult a hair loss expert in Turkey to evaluate the source of your hair loss and the best therapy for your requirements and objectives, whether it's a single treatment or a combination of therapies. Your professional may also advise on how to combine and order hair loss treatments for optimal outcomes.

Can hair transplantation be performed on people with curly or afro-textured hair? in Istanbul

Yes, persons with curly or afro-textured hair may undergo hair transplantation. However, compared to those utilised for those with straight hair, the hair transplantation method may be different.

The curly or afro-textured hair follicles may be extracted and implanted using specialised equipment and methods by the surgeon to ensure that they mix in naturally with the surrounding hair. For the greatest outcomes, it's crucial to choose a hair transplant surgeon in Istanbul that has expertise treating various hair types.


T.R. It is forbidden for official hospitals and clinics approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate figures related to hair transplantation prices on their websites, and penal sanctions are applied to official institutions and organizations that do not comply with this rule. In addition, in order to provide clear information about hair transplantation and its prices in our clinic, it is necessary to first examine the patient and analyze their current health status, and then decide on hair transplantation and planning after listening to their complaints and expectations.

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