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What is Botox? Are Botox and Fillers the Same Thing?

There are many options available to achieve a rejuvenated look, but finding the right treatment can sometimes be confusing. Contrary to what many people think, from the application of perfecting processes, to their effects; It has many differences from its lifespan to its side effects. We are for you; We help you to find the most suitable method that can be applied to your face and body among these differences.

In this article, we will talk about 2 very popular and widespread applications. Botox and fillers…

That question that comes to many of us: are botox and filler the same thing?

Here is the Filler and Botox comparison:


Many of the wrinkles that form on your face are due to repeated facial expressions every day when talking or expressing your emotions. The thin skin around the eyes and the width of the forehead is constantly contracted and relaxed by the contractions of the underlying facial muscles. This causes wrinkles to form every time we squint, laugh, raise our eyebrows, or frown. These wrinkles are called “dynamic wrinkles” and can be improved with treatments that target muscle movements.

Injectable muscle relaxants such as BOTOX help to temporarily reduce targeted muscle contractions, so every time you raise your eyebrows; These wrinkles do not occur on your skin. They do this by disrupting the flow of messages from the brain to the muscles through the nervous system.

This method; It allows us to achieve visible results in removing wrinkles around the eyes, horizontal and vertical lines between the eyebrows and is widely used.

Dermal Fillers

Contrary to what we talk about in Botox, non-dynamic static wrinkles are long-lasting, permanent lines etched into the skin, even over areas routinely caused by muscle activity. Facial lines up to this indentation size; It is caused by age-related depletion of proteins such as collagen, elastin, fat, water and other important components of the skin. In addition, UV, radiation and other environmental stimuli are agents that have an important role in the formation and continuation of the problem. However, dynamic wrinkles, which we mentioned in botox and can be described as more innocent, can also turn into static wrinkles as the skin becomes thinner and weaker as the skin gets thinner and weaker.

Injectable dermal fillers do not affect facial muscle activity. However, it is used to treat static wrinkles because it fills the empty spaces on the skin. Most fillers physically add volume to the layers beneath the skin and reduce the depth of static wrinkles and folds that form in the middle or lower areas of the face, such as vertical lip lines. Dermal fillers are also used for stretching, contouring or adding volume. This helps you to get a fresher and younger look.