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Beard transplant Istanbul, Before and After, Aftercare, Cost Turkey

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic - Istanbul

Beard Transplant

Beard transplant in Istanbul

Beard transplantation has become popular along with rapidly developing aesthetics because it has an important place in the external appearance of men since the lack of a beard is one of the factors that disturbs them. Thanks to beard transplantation, people can achieve the beard shape they want. While the beards of some individuals are sparse from birth, the beards of others decrease over time. This situation leads the person to undergo the beard transplant process. In this article, we will convey knowledge about beard transplantation to our valued readers...


What are the beard transplant preparation procedures in Turkey?

To have a beard transplant, the person who wants it should consult an expert; a facial analysis is performed with the expert. In line with the request of the person, a sketch is created on how to perform the beard transplantation process that is suitable for the face. Then, preliminary information is given to the person. The region where beard transplantation will be performed is determined. Then, before the procedure, a precautionary blood test is requested from the person. Immediately after these procedures, the area suitable for beard transplantation is determined.


Beard transplantation methods in Istanbul

In beard transplantation, the same methods of hair transplantation are also used. Today, the most frequently used methods are FUE and DHI methods. If we briefly touch on these methods;

FUE method; It is a method of transplanting hair follicles one by one without waiting, with 0.7-0.9 mm punches. The advantage of the FUE beard planting method is that the hair follicles to be planted are planted directly without waiting and the roots are planted without damage. In this way, the yield of the transplanted beard roots is higher. FUE beard transplantation methods also form the basis of other beard transplantation methods. The transplanted beards do not fall out and the results of beard transplantation are permanent.

In the FUE beard transplant method, in addition to the use of nape hair as a donor, chest hair, back, armpit or genital area hair can also be used. The process takes between six and eight hours on average and 3000-4000 beard roots are obtained with the micro motor.

DHI method; FUE is one of the beard transplant methods. The feature that distinguishes it from the FUE beard transplant method is that the hair follicles are removed with special FUE needles with a diameter of 0.5 and 0.7 mm, and it is performed with a beard transplant pen known as Hair Pen / Choi Needle. Hair Pen/ Choi is inserted into the needle and placed directly under the skin to be transplanted in the desired direction without touching the beard, and beard transplantation is performed.

In DHI beard transplantation, bleeding is less thanks to the placement of the beard transplantation process with the Hair Pen / Choi Needle.


How is beard transplantation performed?

Before the beard transplant surgery, local anesthesia is applied to the person before the procedure.

The most important stage is the collection of hair follicles for beard transplantation.

The most preferred area for beard transplantation is the hair follicles in the nape area. Apart from this, if there are unnecessary hairs in the cheek area, they are taken by experts and transplanted to the necessary places.

It is very important to maintain the hair follicles in a healthy way after the collection of hair follicles required for beard transplantation.

Afterwards, channels are opened in the areas to be planted and hair roots are placed. This process is also called graft transplant.

One of the issues to be considered during beard transplantation is to open the channels suitable for the size of the hair root and to adjust the direction of the hair root.

Beard transplantation is similar to hair transplantation in terms of method and technique and can be done together in the same session.


What should be attention to after the beard transplant procedure?

Beard transplantation is generally a risk-free procedure. Therefore, there are no serious side effects after the procedure. There are some things that need to be done in order for the transplanted beards to grow in a healthy way. Although there are changes in the results according to the beard transplant method, in general;

Medications prescribed by the physician should be administered regularly.

It is necessary to avoid procedures that may irritate the area where beard transplantation is performed. By paying attention to the warnings, we will protect the transplanted beard roots from bacteria and eliminate the infection problem. At the same time, the direction of hair growth is not adversely affected.

After the procedure, there may be redness and crusting in the beard transplant area due to clotted blood in the transplanted areas. However, they should not be interfered with manually.

After 48-72 hours, the beard transplant area should be cleaned as instructed by the specialist. After this cleaning process is continued for an average of 10 days, the coagulated blood and crusts are cleaned.

Since beard transplantation is an area where blood supply is good, like hair transplantation, wound healing is rapid and infection is less likely. However, redness and crusting due to transplantation in the face area can attract more attention of the person. For this reason, more attention should be paid after beard transplantation, especially it is necessary to be protected from the sun until the redness is gone.

It is recommended not to use alcohol and cigarettes to accelerate the healing process after beard transplantation.

In order to prevent the hair follicles from deforming, activities that cause sweating and increase blood pressure, such as doing sports, should be suspended.

Particular attention can be paid to nutrition by consuming vitamins A, E, C, D and B7 and B12. This will accelerate the tissue repair process.

Lying position is also very important right after beard transplantation. In addition to lying on the back, it is desirable that external factors such as pillows do not irritate the operation areas during sleep. The person is asked to take measures related to this.

Can beard and mustache transplantation be performed on people with patchy or uneven facial hair growth?

People with patchy facial hair may have beard and moustache transplants. This is one of the key reasons individuals have the treatment. Beard and moustache transplantation uses scalp hair follicles to restore facial hair. The transplanted hair will grow and make facial hair seem fuller and more even.

Can beard and mustache transplantation be performed on people with scars in the beard or mustache area?

Scarred beards and moustaches may be transplanted. Beard and moustache transplanting may conceal facial scars from surgery, accident, or other damage. Hair follicles from the back of the head or elsewhere are transplanted to the scarred beard or moustache. This makes facial hair growth more natural and even. However, a trained and experienced hair transplant doctor should evaluate your candidature and clarify the risks and advantages.

Can beard and mustache transplantation be customized for specific beard or mustache styles?

Yes, unique beard or moustache styles may be accommodated by transplantation of the facial hair. Patients may discuss their ideal moustache or beard style during their appointment with a hair transplant expert in Turkey, who can then provide advice on whether it is feasible given the patient's hair type, hair density, and facial characteristics. The professional may also provide suggestions about the right density and positioning of the transplanted hair in order to obtain the desired style. Overall, Turkey's beard and moustache transplantation procedures may provide outcomes that are individualised to the patient's demands and preferences while yet seeming natural.

Can beard and mustache transplantation be reversed or corrected if the results are unsatisfactory?

Beard and moustache transplantation includes transferring hair from one place of the body to the beard or moustache. The surgeon and patient's attributes determine the procedure's success. It may be able to rectify or reverse a beard or moustache transplanting. This might require removing the transplanted hairs or applying more grafts to fill in gaps. It is crucial to remember that remedial measures could need more time and money, and the intended result might not always be feasible. Because of this, selecting a trained and experienced surgeon for the treatment is crucial, as are having reasonable expectations for the results.

Current prices for beard transplant

To indicate figures related to beard transplant prices on their websites is forbidden for official hospitals and clinics approved by the Ministry of Health, and penal sanctions are applied to official institutions and organizations that do not comply with this rule. In addition, in order for Specialist Doctor Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz to give clear information about the prices of beard transplantation, first of all, the patient should be examined, the amount of hair follicle needed, the condition of the area where the hair follicles will be taken should be checked, and then he should analyze the current health status and then, after listening to his expectations, beard transplantation. decision is required.

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