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How Much Are Istanbul Hijama Prices in 2024?

One of the important points for those who want to have cupping treatment is the prices of cupping. There are many points that determine cupping fees in Istanbul and other provinces. Istanbul 2024 cupping prices vary according to the institution where the cupping is done. Hijama treatment is performed in state hospitals and authorized private institutions, and cupping fees vary according to the region (city-district) and unit.

Especially when hijama is done by unauthorized persons, the fee is made per cup. We recommend that you do not give credit to unauthorized persons who treat each patient to the same points by heart and make the pricing in this way. Do not forget that cupping is a form of treatment, and as in every treatment method, the patient should be analyzed in detail and the cupping points to be treated should be selected accordingly. As in every treatment method, we should choose the person who will apply the treatment in the treatment of hijama.