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Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Istanbul - Acupuncture - Hijama


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Challenge the years by increasing your skin quality with mesotherapy

  • Youth Vaccine
  • Hair Mesotherapy
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Spot Treatment
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Are you ready to discover the healing power of your subconscious with hypnotherapy?

  • Weight Control
  • Quit Smoking
  • Anxiety Treatment
  • Preparing for Birth
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Lose weight using acupuncture and keep your form.

  • Weight loss
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Regulation of the digestive system
  • Reducing Stress
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Ozone Therapy

The use of ozone for medical purposes. It is biologically very active and immediately changes its structure as soon as it enters the body.

  • To strengthen immunity
  • In the treatment of allergic diseases (asthma-eczema)
  • In the treatment of infectious diseases in wound healing
  • To reduce side effects in cancer patients in diabetics
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Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz

We bring solutions to make your life prettier

Skin Care and Skin Analysis in Istanbul

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic in Istanbul

PRP in Istanbul

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic in Istanbul

Moisture Vaccine, Redensity 1 Application in Istanbul

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic in Istanbul

Face Lift in Istanbul

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic in Istanbul

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Most beautiful points of acupuncture treatment method is to evaluate and treat each patient personally and individually.


Ozone Therapy

It increases the oxygenation of tissues and organs. By increasing the elasticity of red blood cells.


Cupping Treatment

Hijama applications have been used for treatment in many parts of the world for thousands of years.


Hair Transplant

Your hair can return to its missed days using the latest techniques and treatment options.

What else We Do?

Journey to health

Our clinic has been serving in Nisantasi/Istanbul since September 2019. In the light of the latest technological developments, we carry out the procedures in a sterile practice environment.

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Who is Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz?

During and after her specialty training, she worked on cell culture, stem cell treatments, plasma treatment, SVF (stromal vascular fraction), growth factors, and anti-aging agents.

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz was born in Malatya in 1983 and completed primary and secondary education there. After completing Fırat University Faculty of Medicine in 2007, she fulfilled her compulsory service obligation as a general practitioner in Erzincan. In 2013, she completed her specialty education in the Department of Medical Pharmacology at Abant Izzet Baysal University and continued to work as a specialist at the same university.


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High Standards



Customer Satisfaction

“I interviewed Ms. Muhsine for acupuncture treatment. And I got started in no time. He is a very, very good doctor. I've had incredible results. I am very satisfied with acupuncture.”

Ms. Hande


“I received acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatment. My anxiety and pain have decreased since the first session. I continue my 3rd session. I want to have ozone therapy.”

Elvan S.


“Amazing and Professional people. It was all smiles from the moment i went in until i left. They ask how you’re feeling every step of the way 100% recommend!”

Usman D.


“I had a wrinkle treatment and Acupuncture with Dr. Zeynep Yavuz and their team is very professional. I was very pleased and I definetely benefited from their services.”

Nalan O.