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What is the best place for cupping in Istanbul?

What is the best place for cupping in Istanbul? Hijama in Istanbul

Cupping Therapy is performed in clinics with certificates issued by the Ministry of Health in Istanbul. Where is cupping done in Istanbul? The answer to the question is one of the most wondered in Istanbul, one of the most important cupping centers in Turkey. Hacamat, The Ministry of Health published the "Regulation on Traditional and Complementary Medical Practices" in the Official Gazette on October 27, 2014. Accordingly, medical cupping (Cup Therapy) is given using scientific techniques only in centers authorized by specialist doctors. Cupping, which has an important place in traditional Chinese medicine and Islamic religion, is today performed with scientific techniques.

Where is cupping done? Istanbul Cupping Treatment

Hacamat, which has a new benefit emerging every day and has become very popular, is unfortunately one of the most abused treatments. Places that do not have any medical training, are unauthorized, and perform cupping with traditional methods, so to speak, should never be respected. As in many cities of Turkey, there are reliable centers where cupping treatment can be received in Istanbul, both on the European and Anatolian sides.

Where is cupping performed on the European side of Istanbul?

Nisantasi district in Sisli, on the European side of Istanbul, is one of the important centres where cupping is performed. Specialist Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz The Complementary Medicine and Medical Aesthetics Clinic is also one of the most preferred cupping centres here. It is vital for patients to do good research and choose the most suitable place for cupping.

The privilege of Specialist Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic

Our clinic is considered among the best cupping places in Istanbul. In our Complementary Medicine and Medical Aesthetics Clinic, a modern treatment service is offered by blending traditional cupping therapy with scientific data.

Our biggest difference is that in the clinical setting, the treatment is done by Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz, an expert who has wonderful experience of the treatment.

Cupping is a comprehensive practice that includes evaluation of the patient before treatment and follow-up after treatment. Our clinic never sees cupping as a bloodletting procedure. This cupping treatment is a medical procedure that focuses directly on the disease.

In our clinic, cupping is also performed in accordance with the sunnah on the cupping days as stated in the hadiths of our Prophet (SAW).

Why is choosing a cupping clinic so important?

Choosing a place to perform cupping is important because it causes the following problems due to reasons such as insufficient information, incorrect application and non-compliance with hygiene conditions:

  • Scar after cupping
  • Viral infections such as hepatitis and HIV
  • Fungal infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Nerve damage
  • Partial paralysis

In order to fully obtain the benefits of cupping and protect public health, choosing the place and doctor to perform the application is very important. Issues such as using sterile equipment, correct determination of cupping areas and at what level to make the incisions require special expertise.

For these reasons, if you want to safely carry out a cup treatment, you are welcome to the Specialist Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Complementary Medical and Medical Aesthetics Clinic. You can contact us for more detailed information and an appointment.