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What is lip botox & jaw  botox? How is lip botox done in istanbul?

What is lip botox & jaw botox? How is lip botox done in istanbul?

How is lip botox done? Is botox lip permanent in istanbul?

One of the most important aspects of attractiveness is the lips. Though lip botox is generally associated with women, men have recently expressed interest in the surgery as well. The lips and area around the lips might take on an unfavourable appearance due to ageing, smoking, different skin conditions, and the influence of facial muscles. It is feasible to get rid of lip botox's harmful effects. Our patients appear younger and more vibrant after receiving this procedure in our beauty centre.

Additionally, lip botox is utilised to address smokers' wrinkles, particularly those on the top lip. We call these cigarette lines or barcode lines. Patients who feel uncomfortable with their gums being too obvious when they smile (gummy smiles) can also benefit from upper lip botox. By slightly lowering the top lip, this treatment addresses the gummy smile.

Botulinum toxin is injected beneath the skin to conduct lip botox. The expert doctor's experience and the aesthetic clinic selection are crucial factors in this treatment. It is necessary to accurately determine the region to be applied and to modify the dosage of the substance to be injected. Because the botulinum toxin weakens the muscle's ability to contract, it helps to improve the lines surrounding the lips.

The patient has no pain because anaesthetic cream is applied beforehand, and the application procedure takes only ten minutes to finish. During the first few days, it is typical to notice a brief, mild redness at the injection sites. It takes the treatment an average of ten days to start working. Lip botox is not permanently permanent. It varies from patient to patient, but it usually lasts four to six months. By administering the treatment again, the intended result can be obtained.

Lips are incredibly useful for eating, drinking, speaking, and making facial expressions, despite their aesthetic value. An improper intervention could have unfavourable effects. Consequently, it's critical to carefully select the aesthetic facility and board-certified physician before having lip botox. You can schedule a lip botox appointment with our cosmetic clinic if you're searching for a reputable aesthetic facility.

Jaw  botox in istanbul

What is jaw botox? Can bruxism be healed with botox? - Masseter Botox

Bruxism is one condition for which Botox is used for therapeutic benefits in addition to aesthetic ones. A procedure known as "jaw botox," "masseter botox," or "bruxism botox" is used to treat this condition. Botox cannot be used to permanently treat bruxism disorder, although recovery is possible with repeated treatments as directed by the physician.

When the masseter muscle in the jaw is used for chewing without conscious thought, the outcome is bruxism disease. This condition is caused by clenching and grinding of the teeth. Uncontrolled growth of the masseter muscle is known as masseter hypertrophy. The patient develops an angular jaw structure if this condition is not treated. In both male and female patients, bruxism can lead to unfavourable cosmetic issues as well as damage to teeth and dental restorations.

Botox relaxes and weakens the masseter muscle by injecting it with botulinum toxin. An anaesthetic cream is administered to the area that needs to be treated prior to performing masseter botox. After 15 to 20 minutes, the effects of anaesthetic cream wear off. In as little as ten minutes, you can complete the cheek botox application. The jaw's angular look ceases, the pressure on the teeth lessens, and teeth grinding behaviour is stopped as the masseter muscle contracts.

20 to 25 days may pass before the effects of botox treatment for bruxism become apparent. Jaw botox is a treatment that needs to be repeated for a specific amount of time, as we previously discussed. Reapplication at the prescribed period can eliminate bruxism and cosmetic issues resulting from the masseter muscle.

Botox prices are determined after the preliminary examination of our specialist doctor in our Complementary Medicine and Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Nişantaşı, Istanbul. The number of sessions required for the effectiveness of the treatment will affect the clenching botox prices. You can contact us to make an appointment with Specialist Dr Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz and for more detailed information.