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Cupping Treatment (Hijama)

What are the best cupping (Hijama) places in Istanbul? What Should You Take Care Of When Choosing the Best Cupping (Hacamat) Place?

While researching the best cupping places in Istanbul, everyone will primarily question getting a safe and effective treatment. As with any treatment, cupping therapy can cause various discomforts if it is not performed by qualified experts. No one wants to be harmed by a treatment they receive with the intention of benefiting them. For this reason, it would be appropriate for our patients who are researching the best cupping places in Istanbul to take care of the following points when determining a safe center:

Availability of cupping certificate:

The first and most important criterion is that the person who will perform the cupping application is qualified and certified. Priority should be given to centers that are trained and certified in cupping therapy. The fact that the cupping practitioner is a specialist doctor with medical training will be another reason for you to trust this center.

Hygienic clinic environment:

The best places that perform cupping are the centers that provide a hygienic clinic environment. A center with a clean and healthy environment and equipment is very important for your treatment to be carried out in a healthy way. Make sure that cupping cups and other equipment are sterile. You can check the center where you will receive cupping treatment to make sure of its hygiene standards.

Experience and expertise:

It is certain that the treatment provided by experienced cupping practitioners will be more effective and successful. You can benefit from advice on this subject and follow patient comments.

Consultation and general health assessment:

A good cupping therapy practitioner will conduct a general health assessment before sessions. Your medical history, such as previous treatments you have received and medications you are using, needs to be reviewed. Make sure that the center you are talking to will make these evaluations. This evaluation is important to determine cupping sessions according to your needs.

Individualized treatment plan:

There is no standard cupping treatment. A treatment plan should be drawn up specifically for your condition. Make sure that the cupping center you consult with determines your needs and develops a treatment plan.

Determining the type of cupping:

Find out about the types of dry cupping or wet cupping and decide which one is right for you.

Get information about cupping prices:

Get information about cupping prices from the center you are talking to. Clarify what is and is not included in the treatment package offered to you. Don't encounter any bad surprises.

Contact with the cupping practitioner:

The best places that perform cupping are the centers that provide good guidance and communicate well with their patients while providing consultation services and during sessions. Make sure that the center you are talking to is open to dialogue and will clearly answer any of your questions. The person who will perform the application should explain your concerns and the issues you are curious about in a clear way.

Care and follow-up after cupping:

The cupping application site you choose must offer care and follow-up services after the cupping treatment. Follow-up is very important to avoid any traces of cupping.Inquire about this service of the center you are talking to..

You can benefit from these criteria when searching for the best cupping places in Istanbul. Finding the right cupping practitioner for you is important for your overall health and the success of the treatment you receive.

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