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What is non-surgical nose job? How is nose filling done? What are the stages of nose filling? in Istanbul?

Nose fillings are one of the techniques that people who are thinking about non-surgical aesthetic intervention usually choose. The belief that having nose surgery will be challenging is the main cause of this. The procedure known as nasal filling involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the targeted area of the nose to change its shape.

Nasal fillings allow for the performance of non-surgical aesthetic operations. Naturally, nose surgery will be the answer if the patient's demands cannot be satisfied with nose fillings. Nasal fillers cannot be used for operations that require alterations to the nasal bone or cartilage structure according to patient requests.

How is nose filling perfomed?

Nasal filling procedure in our medical aesthetic clinic consists of the following stages:

  • Our specialist physician does an initial examination on patients who are seeking nasal fillings. As we wait, our patients tell us what they would want to see changed in their noses. After assessing the patient's needs and existing nose shape, our professional doctor develops a design that complements the patient's facial structure. The targeted form and images of our patient's nose structure are analysed together. The procedures that will be performed on the nose shape and the anticipated outcome are explained to our patient.
  • The nasal filler injection site is cleaned and sterilised. To make sure the patient is comfortable during the injection procedure, a locally effective anaesthetic cream is applied. The anaesthesia cream takes twenty minutes to start working.
  • Our expert physician uses nasal filler injections at certain spots to create a nose shape that complements the patient's anatomical structure. Unwanted outcomes could happen if the right method and angles are not used when doing this treatment. This is the reason a specialist physician must conduct nasal fillings.
  • The nasal area is cleaned once more and the treatment is completed following the nasal filling injection technique. After a nasal filling, which takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete overall, our patients can get back to their daily lives right away.

How can nasal filler be used?

Our patients' nasal structures are quite good at curing asymmetry diseases, whether they develop later as a result of other reasons or are congenital. The balancing issue between the look of the nose's left and right wings can be fixed with nose filling. It is possible to stop volume losses brought on by nasal collapses. Furthermore, nasal filling can be used to do nasal tip lift on patients with sagging nasal tips.

What are the benefits of nose filler?

The primary benefit of nose filling applications, it can be said, is that they spare the inconvenience of nose surgery, which is a challenging procedure. Nasal filler is a very helpful treatment for our patients who would like to make little cosmetic alterations to their nose but do not want to deal with the difficulties of general anaesthesia, stitch removal, or a protracted recovery period. The cost of nasal fillers is a significant additional benefit. The cost of nose fillers is significantly less than that of rhinoplasty procedures.


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