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Cupping Treatment (Hijama)

Who Makes Hijama and Where Should It Be Done In Turkey?

The Ministry of Health made a regulation in 2014 about who will do the hijama. With this arrangement, hijama is only performed by successful physicians who have attended the trainings organized by the Ministry of Health.

Is Cupping Just a Religious Ritual?

Although most people see cupping as only a religious ritual, cupping is a treatment method. As with any treatment method, the patient should be thoroughly listened to and examined by the doctor. If necessary, other treatment options should be offered to the patient. Hijama is not just about cutting and shedding blood. Each area to be treated has a different meaning and reason for application. The areas to be treated should be determined according to the needs of the patient.

Most of the doctors who perform hijama treatment are also doctors who receive and apply acupuncture training. Because almost all of the points we use for hijama are the points we use in acupuncture treatment. In fact, when the patient is analyzed in detail, the treatment is combined with acupuncture and much better results are obtained. For this reason, it is a plus for you to apply acupuncture treatments by your doctor for hijama treatment.

Where should hijama be done in Istanbul?

The legislation published by the Ministry of Health in 2014 also stated where the hijama should be done. According to this legislation, hijama treatment can be performed in clinics or hospitals approved by the health directorates.