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Lip Filler Istanbul - Cheek Filling - Light Fill - Nose/Nasal Filling - Texas Chin Filler, Plasmapen Technology In Istanbul Turkey

Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic - Istanbul


Rumors about the filling have spread so much among the public that they have almost nothing to do with medical facts. The most professional explanation in this field would be as follows. Hyoluronic acid is applied under the skin with the filler. This is a substance that is normally found in the fluid between the joints in the human body. It is used in treatments such as subcutaneous tissue losses, burn formations and removal of tissue deficiencies that occur during cancer treatment. These aspects of the filling process, which are generally known by experts, are also used for aesthetic purposes. It is often preferred for removing the grooves between the lip area and the nose and cheek. Some people’s lips are in the form of a thin line and are almost unnoticeable. Those who are uncomfortable with this appearance may want to have a filling. In addition, people with large lip volume sometimes have filling requests. Of course, this is personal preference, so the doctor should respect it. However, specialists may warn their clients that a false appearance will occur when filling is not needed.

In addition, which of the aesthetic applications such as filling, botox or mesotherapy will meet the needs of our patients should be decided according to the advice of our specialist doctor.

In our medical aesthetic clinic in Istanbul, various aesthetic filling applications, especially lip filling, nose, chin, face, breast and under-eye light filling, are performed.

Filling Types-Infograpgic

Applications that we can express as filling or dermal filling are not only an aesthetic application preferred by women today. Our male patients also prefer dermal filling applications. Sometimes fillers can be used for aesthetic purposes and sometimes for medical reasons. Apart from aesthetic reasons, it is also successfully applied to eliminate the appearances that are congenital, due to any trauma or surgical scars and disturb our patients. If you want to have different filling applications such as lip, nose, chin and under-eye light filling, you can make an appointment immediately by contacting our medical aesthetic clinic in Istanbul.



It should be noted that dermal filling application is performed on lips, nose, chin, face and many parts of the body. Therefore, it is important that the person who performs the application is a specialist with medical training who has mastered the anatomical structure of the body. When the filling is applied to the relevant part of the body, the filling content suitable for this area and purpose should be determined correctly. Otherwise, patients are victimised due to filling applications performed by unauthorised and unqualified persons. We witness news in the press from time to time about this.

In addition, dermal filling is a procedure related to the improvement of the congenital or acquired appearance that the patient is uncomfortable with. For whatever reason, filling is an aesthetic application and the aesthetic understanding of the specialist who performs the application comes to the fore. The specialist doctor's knowledge of anatomy, filling content, aesthetic approach and the patient's demand affect the success of the filling application as a whole.

In the filling application, firstly, our specialist doctor carefully listens to the situation and demands of our patients. Images are taken from various angles and through them, what our patients want and how this request can be applied to the patient's existing anatomical structure are evaluated. Our specialist doctor plans the most suitable design for our patient and explains it to our patient. Our patient decides what kind of result he/she wants in line with the recommendations of our doctor and the filling application is started.

Our specialist doctor determines the content suitable for the aesthetic application to be performed. Although the needles used for filler injection are very thin, anesthetic cream is used so that our patients do not feel any pain during the filler application. Wait 20 minutes for the anesthetic cream to take effect. Afterwards, the filler application is injected into the points determined by our doctor at appropriate angles and the procedure is completed.


Very popular filling applications are generally seen as lip, nose, chin and face filling. Filling, which can be applied in the specified areas and other parts of the body, is preferred so much due to a number of advantages. Some of the advantages of filling application are as follows:

  • Filling is a practical procedure that does not require general anaesthesia and can be applied with local anaesthetic creams.
  • For those who do not want to have surgery for aesthetic purposes or who are afraid of plastic surgery, filling is an easy preferable method.
  • There is no need for any surgical procedure such as incisions or stitches on the skin.
  • Since filling application is not a surgical procedure, it is possible to return to the old state.
  • There is no scar in the filling area.
  • The effects of the filling process can be seen in a short time.
  • The filling process can be repeated and a different change can be made in the applied area later.
  • Recovery is fast.
  • Immediately after the application, the patient can return to daily life.


The results of filling applications are directly related to the experience and aesthetic approach of the practitioner doctor. In order for our patients to obtain a natural appearance from the filling procedure, they should receive this treatment from a specialist doctor in a well-equipped clinic. In order to achieve a natural appearance in different parts of the body such as lip, nose, chin and face filling, the appropriate filler content must be applied in the appropriate dose and with the correct technique. Our specialist doctor also makes an aesthetic design according to the anatomical structure such as the skin structure of our patient and the symmetry of other organs. As long as these issues are taken into consideration, a natural appearance can be obtained without any problems with filling applications.

Another issue that should be emphasised in order to achieve a natural appearance is the demands of our patients. In some cases, despite the aesthetic design and suggestions made by our doctor, there may be filling applications that our patients want especially exaggerated. Such requests of our patients can also be fulfilled as long as they do not cause any health problems.

When dermal fillers are performed by a specialist doctor, in a clinical environment and in accordance with the procedure, a natural appearance can be achieved


  • Light Fill
  • Lip filler
  • Cheek (Cheekbone) Filling
  • Texas Chin Filler


With the under-eye light filling technique, the bags and bruises that occur under the eyes are removed. The main ingredients of under-eye light filling are hyaluronic acid and poly vitamin complex. Contrary to popular belief, it is a procedure applied on the bone, not under the skin.


Using a handheld device to generate controlled, high-frequency plasma energy, PlazmaPen technology—also referred to as plasma pen or plasma fibroblast therapy—is a non-invasive cosmetic technique. Targeting the skin's surface, this energy produces microscopic micro-tears that promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and scar and stretch mark appearance are all common uses for PlazmaPen technology.

plasmapen technology


Lip augmentation is a type of aesthetic operation performed to thicken and plump the lip. Some lips may be thin from birth, while others may experience thinning lips as they age. Those who are uncomfortable with the thinness of their lips when they look in the mirror seek a plastic surgeon to have lip augmentation. Lip filling process should be applied meticulously and in the right plan. The hyaluronic acid contained in the filler should be obtained from a reliable company. Choosing the highest quality of the filler injected into the body ensures that it is reliable in terms of health.

Enhancing lips with lip filler treatment - achieving fuller and more defined lips


Cheek augmentation, also known as cheekbone augmentation, is applied to reduce depressions and wrinkles. Cheek filling will provide a recovery effect on the face. In this way, the person will look younger and more beautiful. Cheek filling is applied to every face type as needed. The face of the person will look more pleasant with the cheek filling applied without causing an exaggerated appearance and without exceeding the purpose.


Texas filler, also known as jawline, chin filler, has recently become more popular than in the past. The corner of the lower jaw and the area extending to the tip of the jaw is called the jawline. According to the professionalism of the application, it can be ensured that the facial features appear more proportional and the neck looks thinner.

Chin filler treatment - enhancing facial features with dermal fillers



  • After the filler is applied, some side effects may develop depending on the skin type of the person.
  • Redness, tenderness and pain in the filling area
  • Swelling, bruising, infection and itching
  • An allergic reaction to the filler
    discharge from swelling
  • It may occur in the form of masses formed after filling.



Your doctor will tell you to stop some medications at least three days before the application. These are blood thinners, aspirin, vitamin E, ginko biloba, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It is recommended that you do not consume alcoholic beverages before going for a filling. It will also be among the recommendations of your doctor that you are not stressed and well rested.



  • Contact with the filled area should be avoided.
  • Make-up can be applied at least 24 hours after the procedure.
  • Massage should not be done for at least 1 week in the area where the filler is applied.
  • After the filling, care should be taken not to use the mimics in that part for at least 3 days.
  • Sports should be stopped for a week.
  • It should not be in very hot and very cold environments.
  • If lip augmentation is in question, it is important not to eat or drink anything until the sensation returns, as anesthesia is given.
  • The lips should not touch anything hot or cold for 2-3 days.
  • If you observe an unexpected situation after the filling is done, you should definitely inform the doctor performing the application.

What is lip filling?

Lip filling is an aesthetic application preferred to give a different form to the lips, to add volume or to eliminate the effects of age. Hyaluronic acid, polymethyl methacrylate and calcium hydroxyapatite type ingredients used in lip fillers are preferred. By injecting these ingredients into the lips with special techniques, desired changes can be made in the volume and form of the lips.

The natural appearance of the lower lip and upper lip are different from each other. The volume of the lower lip is fuller than the upper lip. The demands of our patients to add volume to their lower lips can be met with lip augmentation. The upper lip structure has a unique curve called eros arc. The upper lip shaping demands of our patients can be fulfilled by using lip fillers.

Various injuries and previous diseases or some congenital lip deformities can also be improved by using lip fillers.

How is lip filling performed?

Lip filling is one of the most preferred filling types. Firstly, the demands of our patient are taken in detail by our specialist doctor. Our patient describes the desired lip model through various visuals. If necessary, our specialist doctor explains the interventions that can be done with lip fillers, accompanied by the images taken from our patient. The lip model designed by our doctor in line with the demands of our patient is finalised and the application is started. Lip filling application is done as follows:

  • The area to be treated on the lip is disinfected with antiseptic solution.
  • Although lip fillers are made with the help of very thin needles, the lip area is numbed with the help of anaesthetic creams for the comfort of the application. Anaesthetic cream shows its effect within 20 minutes.
  • After the lip area is numbed, our specialist doctor injects the filler content suitable for the skin structure and demands of our patient with special techniques and angles.
  • After the injection process, the lip filler content under the skin is checked by our doctor and the application is completed.

Who can have lip fillers?

Lip fillers can be used for purely aesthetic purposes, as well as in the treatment of some deformities of the lips that have occurred for various reasons. Generally, people who experience the following conditions can have lip fillers.

  • Those with symmetry disorder in their upper or lower lips.
  • Those with a very thin appearance than normal.
  • Those who have lost lip lines and lost volume over time.
  • Those who start line formation on the upper lip.
  • Those who have deformities in their lips, birth or subsequent deformities.
  • Those with sagging lip edges that cause a sad facial expression.

In addition to these situations related to lip filling, filling applications can also be used for the treatment of patients with low mouth corner problems. Successful results can be obtained when botox application is performed together with filling for our patients with low mouth corner problems.

What is nose filling?

nose filler treatment - enhancing facial features with dermal fillers

One of the methods frequently preferred by those who consider non-surgical aesthetic intervention is nose filling. The most important reason for this is the thought that the nose surgery process will be troublesome. Nose filling is the process of changing the nasal form in the desired way by injecting hyaluronic acid content into the desired area.

With nose filling, aesthetic procedures that do not require surgical operation can be performed. If the patient's demand cannot be met with nose filling, of course, the solution will be nose surgery. Since the demands of some patients require changes in the nasal bone or cartilage structure, these procedures cannot be performed with nose filling.

What is Chin (Jawline) filling? How is it done?

In this method, known as chin filling, Jawline filling or Texas filling, our patients can have the facial structure they want with aesthetic interventions in their jaw structures. With chin filling, it can be decided how the face will look and what expression it will have. Chin filling, which is not a surgical procedure, offers a practical solution for our patients who want to make changes in their chin structures or who want to improve deformations that occur over time.

Chin filler treatment - enhancing facial features with dermal fillers

Chin (jawline) filling is usually performed using hyaluronic acid. Our patient explains the desired change in the jaw structure to our specialist doctor and the filling points are determined and designed in accordance with the jaw structure of our patient. Afterwards, the area where the chin filler will be applied is disinfected and anaesthetic cream is applied to the area. After the anaesthesia, which takes effect in an average of 20 minutes, chin filling is applied to the determined points. After 30 to 60 minutes of chin filling application, the patient can return to his daily life.

What are the current filling prices in Istanbul, Turkey?

It is forbidden for official hospitals and clinics approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey to state figures related to lip, nose, chin, face or breast filler prices on their websites, and penal sanctions are imposed on official institutions and organizations that do not comply with this rule. In addition, in order for Specialist Doctor Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz to give clear information about filling applications and prices, she must first examine the patient in her clinic in Istanbul and analyze the current health status and then decide on the filling sessions after listening to her complaints and expectations.

You can contact Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz Clinic by using the phone numbers ☏ +90 (212) 234 43 32 ✆ +90 553 855 98 29 or you can get information from the live support line in online situations such as "how much are the prices of lip, nose, chin, face or breast filling, do you have a campaign in filling treatment, what to do before and after filling treatment, how the processes are progressing" etc. You can get information by sending all your questions to patient consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are lip filler prices?

It is not appropriate to explain lip fillers prices directly on a schedule. Providing a price schedule may also mislead our patients. Lip filler prices can be determined individually according to the demands and skin characteristics of each patient. In order for our patients to get healthy lip filler prices, it is beneficial for them to attend the examination of our specialist doctor in our medical aesthetic clinic in Istanbul. After the examination, you can learn the lip filler prices according to the treatment to be performed and the filler content to be used. You can make an appointment by contacting our clinic in Istanbul for special aesthetic design and prices in lip augmentation applications.

Is there an age limit for lip fillers?

The age limit for lip fillers is accepted as 18. Anyone who has completed their physical development and does not have a health problem that will constitute an obstacle can have lip filling. The case of lip augmentation at a young age for medical reasons other than aesthetic purposes should be evaluated by our specialist doctor.

How permanent is lip filling?

Of course, the lip filler will be excreted by the body over time and the lips will return to their old form. This process is experienced differently in each patient. This period may be shorter in patients with fast metabolism. Generally, the permanence of lip fillers varies between 6 and 12 months. Our patients who want the permanence of lip fillers to continue can have the procedure performed again in the periods recommended by our specialist doctor.

How much are the nose filling prices?

In order to give nose filling prices, the nose structures of our patients should be examined in detail and the demands should be learned. There are differences in the nose type and tissue of each patient. In some patients, the demands can be realized with very small interventions, while in some cases the procedure takes longer and the amount of content used varies according to the case. For these reasons, nose filling prices vary. You can learn the prices of nose filling by being examined by our specialist doctor in our clinic in Istanbul. Nose filling prices may also vary according to the location of the clinic in Istanbul and the experience of the doctor performing the application. You can make an appointment by contacting our medical aesthetic center in Istanbul for nasal filling prices and aesthetic nose designs suitable for you.

How long does nose filling last?

Nose filling will lose its permanence after a certain period of time due to the excretion of the filling content by the body over time. Nose filling is permanent for 6 to 12 months, although it varies in each patient. Our patients can maintain the aesthetic nose form obtained with nose filling by repeating the filling process according to the recommendations of our specialist doctor.

How much are the prices of Jawline fillers?

For Jawline filling prices, our patients should be examined by our specialist doctor. Since the deformation in the jaw structures of our patients and their ages vary, the jaw filling procedure to be performed also varies. You can make an appointment immediately by contacting our clinic in Istanbul for Jaw (Jawline) filling prices. After the examination of our specialist doctor, you can learn the jawline filling prices according to the amount of filling content determined.

Are there any harm of filling applications?

In our medical aesthetic clinic, the filler used in applications such as lip, nose, chin and under-eye light filling is harmless. The hyaluronic acid content used in filling applications is harmless because it is a substance normally found in our bodies. The filler content used is excreted from the body over time. Very rarely, allergic bodies may develop a reaction to one of the substances in the filler content. For this reason, it is important that our patients with allergies share this situation with our doctor.

How long does the filling application take?

Filling applications can be performed in many areas of the body. Mostly, lip, nose, chin and under-eye light filling is preferred, but filling applications can also be performed in different areas such as the neck and décolleté area. Filling applications take an average of 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area and the degree of difficulty of the procedure.

how long do lip fillers last?

It is difficult to give a valid answer to the question "How long do lip fillers last" for everyone. Because this procedure may last longer in some individuals while it may last shorter in some individuals.

This period may vary according to the age of the patient, the brand of the filling and the amount of filling. The effect of Lip Filler can usually last around 12 months without a second intervention. Some individuals have stated that this period is up to 20 months.

One of the main reasons for these time differences is the metabolic rate. When you add volume to your lips in such procedures, your body will start to metabolise the elements in the filling after a while. If you have a fast metabolism, your lip filler will not last very long.

Generally, everyone knows that young patients have a faster metabolism than older patients. As your age increases, the metabolic rate slows down. Thus, the life span of your lip augmentation is also prolonged.