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What is Facial Botox and What is Done in Facial Botox?

Facial Botox is used to reduce the effects of aging or to prevent them from occurring. Women in their twenties or much older can be applied to any patient. There are many applications of botox, which is a general definition. With facial botox;

  • Forehead Botox: Some patients have a tougher, even nervous appearance due to the lines on the lower back. Botox is applied to the muscles in this area to remove the lines on the thigh. Botox is also used to raise the eyebrows upward, giving the patient a younger appearance.
  • Eye Contour Botox - Crow's Feet Botox: The lines around the eyes, which can occur even at a young age, make the person look older. With goose foot botox, the patient looks younger.
  • Botox between the eyebrows:The lines between the patients' eyebrows give the image of a hard and tense personality at first glance. Botox between the eyebrows offers an effective treatment for easier communication in social relationships.
  • Nose Botox:The lines on the sides of the nose, also known as rabbit lines, also give patients the impression that they are older. Botox in the nose is an application to remove the lines from the side of the nose to the eye.

  • How is Lip Botox done? Is Botox lip permanent?

    One of the most important areas in terms of aesthetics is the lips. Although lip botox is thought to be more important to women, it is a procedure that men have also shown interest in recently. As a result of advancing age, smoking, various skin problems and the effects of facial muscles, a negative appearance may occur on the lips and around the lips. It is possible to eliminate the negative effects caused by lip botox. With this treatment applied in our aesthetic clinic, our patients look younger and livelier.

    Lip botox is also used in the treatment of lines seen in smokers, especially on the upper lip. These lines are called cigarette lines or barcode lines. Upper lip botox is also applied to patients whose gums are excessively visible when smiling (gummy smile) and who are uncomfortable with this situation. With this application, the gummy smile is treated by allowing the upper lip to drop slightly.

    Lip botox is performed by injecting botulinum toxin under the skin. In this treatment, the choice of aesthetic clinic and the experience of the specialist doctor are very important. The dose of the content to be injected must be adjusted and the area to be applied must be determined correctly. The applied botulinum toxin helps improve the lines around the lips by weakening the contractile properties of the muscle.

    Since anesthetic cream is used before the application, the patient does not feel pain and the application process can be completed in 10 minutes. It is normal to see temporary, slight redness at the injection sites in the first few days. The treatment shows its effect within an average of 10 days. The permanence of lip botox is not permanent. Although it varies depending on the patient, it lasts for 4 to 6 months. The desired effect can be achieved again by repeating the treatment.

    While lips are aesthetically important, they are very functional in using our eating, drinking, talking and mimicry. Inappropriate intervention can lead to undesirable consequences. Therefore, the choice of aesthetic centres and specialist doctors for the lip botox should be well done. If you're looking for a reliable aesthetic center, you can contact our aesthesia clinic and get an appointment for a lip botox.

    What can be done with Nose Botox?

    Some applications related to rhinoplasty can be performed without surgery with nose botox. The most important reason why this treatment is attractive to patients is that it is performed without the need for a surgical procedure. The first of the procedures performed with nasal botox is the improvement of the lines extending from the side walls of the nose towards the eyes, also called rabbit lines. Another treatment is the very popular procedure of lifting the tip of the nose.

    In this treatment, our patients do not need to wait for the recovery process as in surgical procedures; our patients can resume their lives on the same day with a 5 to 10 minute procedure.

    Procedures performed with nasal botox, also called non-surgical rhinoplasty, are much more advantageous in terms of cost compared to surgical procedures. In addition to the low prices of nose botox, another advantage is that there is no risk of scarring on the skin.

    How to treat rabbit lines with nose botox?

    Smiling is good for everyone. People who never leave a smile on their face spread positive energy around them. However, in people whose nose muscles are slightly overdeveloped, there may be visible lines on the upper and side parts of the nose involuntarily when laughing or in normal situations. The facial expressions we use depending on our emotional state can cause uncomfortable lines on our nose. These formations, called Bunny Lines, can be treated in a very short time.

    Treatment of rabbit lines with nose botox is very practical. Our patient who comes to visit our clinic can say goodbye to rabbit stripes in just a cup of coffee. Reducing the function of the nasal muscles, which cause aesthetic discomfort, with botox does not cause any movement restrictions in our patient. This treatment shows its full effect within 10 - 15 days. Depending on the condition of our patients' nose muscles and their use of facial expressions, the effectiveness of the treatment continues for up to 6 months. If desired, the treatment can be continued with repeat botox applications as recommended by our doctor.

    In the treatment of nose botox with rabbit lines, the application takes place in a very practical way. Our patient who visits our clinic can say goodbye to the rabbit lines while drinking a cup of coffee. The reduction in the function of the nasal muscles due to botox, which is aesthetically uncomfortable, does not restrict any movement in our patient.

    This treatment will show its full effect within 10 to 15 days. The effectiveness of the treatment lasts for up to 6 months, depending on the condition of our patients' nasal muscles and how they use their mimics. If desired, treatment can be continued with repeated botox procedures as recommended by our doctor.

    How is nose tip lift done with Nose Botox?

    One of the frequently preferred botox applications is nose tip lifting with nose botox. In some patients, the tip of the nose may be too tilted, and this tilt becomes more obvious when smiling, causing an aesthetically disturbing situation.

    It is the depressor septi nasi muscle that ensures that the tip of the nose is inclined downwards. It is possible to relax and reduce the function of this muscle without the need for any surgery. Botox applied to this muscle at the tip of the nose relaxes the muscle, allowing the tip of the nose to lift 1 to 2 mm.

    With this small intervention, our patient's smile will have a more aesthetic appearance and the patient will feel more comfortable. The effect of treatment applied to only one point is seen in 10 to 15 days. The permanence of the treatment varies depending on the patient, but is approximately 6 months. In order for the tip of the nose to maintain its new position, botox application must be repeated as determined by our doctor.

    Can Bruxism be cured with Botox? (What is Masseter Botox/Chin Botox?)

    One of the areas where botox is used in treatment other than aesthetic purposes is bruxism. In the treatment of this disease, a treatment method called bruxism botox, masseter botox or chin botox is used. Although bruxism disease cannot be definitively treated with botox, recovery can be achieved with repeated treatments as prescribed by the doctor.

    Bruxism disease occurs as a result of involuntary use of the chewing muscles called the masseter muscle in the jaw by clenching and grinding the teeth. Uncontrolled development of the masseter muscle is called masseter hypertrophy. If this disease is not treated, the patient's jaw structure changes and becomes angular. Bruxism can damage teeth and dental restorations and cause undesirable aesthetic problems in male and female patients.

    Bruxism botox provides relaxation and weakening of the masseter muscle by applying botulinum toxin to it. Before masseter botox is performed, an anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated. Anesthesia cream takes effect within 15-20 minutes. Chin botox application is completed in as little as 10 minutes. As the masseter muscle shrinks, the angular appearance of the jaw ends, the pressure on the teeth decreases, and teeth grinding behavior is prevented.

    It may take 20-25 days for the effect to appear after bruxism botox application. As we mentioned above, chin botox is a treatment that must be repeated for certain periods of time. You can get rid of aesthetic and bruxism problems caused by the masseter muscle by re-application at the time determined by your doctor.

    Can Botox cure Crow's feet ?

    This treatment, also known as eye botox, is very effective in repairing Crow's feet . One of the areas most aesthetically attracted by male and female patients is Crow's feet around the eyes. Botox is often preferred for patients who want to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, look younger and more energetic. The bark is successfully corrected with Botox.

    The botox that is applied after the patient's anesthetic cream is injected into the oak's leg area will not have any effect almost the same day. Our patients don't have to worry. After three days, the goat's feet will begin to disappear. On the tenth day, the Crow's feet will disappear completely due to the use of botox.

    Eye Contour Botox – How effective is Crow's Feet Botox?

    The effect time of eye contour botox, also called Crow's feet botox, varies depending on whether you have had botox before and your skin structure. Maximum improvement is achieved in botox around the eyes on the tenth day. In some patients, this recovery takes 4 months, while in others, the effect may last up to 6 months. Afterwards, It is then possible for the patient to continue to have the same effect by doing botox again. The variation in the duration of botox in the eye is influenced by how long the patients use their mimics, their age, and their nutrition.


    The application of an incorrect dosage may cause facial expressions to shift and facial muscle restriction. Naturally, the outcome presents an artificial, unnatural look. For this reason, you should carefully consider the cosmetic clinic and physician before getting botox. With the correct cosmetic clinic, botox treatments can be used to obtain a natural-looking appearance.