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What Should We Be Careful Before and After Botox? When Does Botox Show Effect?

Botox is a widely used method in both aesthetic and medical fields today. One reason for this is the rapid increase in the number of places that make this popular application. It is very easy to get botox application, but there are some points that need to be taken into consideration before and after botox. It is important to pay attention to these issues in order to benefit from botox and for the botox effect to last for a long time.

As it is known, unlike filler, it is a type of botulinum toxin obtained from the bacteria called clostridium botulinum. Botox, which is used for aesthetic and medical purposes, is used to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, between the eyebrows, nose and lips, where the facial muscles are more effective. Botox, which attracts great attention from many people, both men and women, offers a refreshed skin and a younger appearance.

It is possible to get successful results in a very practical way with applications such as eye contour botox, eyebrow botox, and forehead botox. However, before and after application plays an important role in this success.

In this article, we will discuss the frequently asked questions about botox application, which has many advantages, what to pay attention to before and after botox, and when botox will take effect.

What Should or Should not be Done Before Botox? What Should be Considered?

Those who wish to use Botox should pay attention to the following:

  • The first and most important thing to do before botox is to identify a reliable centre. As we mentioned above, as a result of the widespread use of botox sites, we are faced with a number of victim reports following the use of Botox on the part of unauthorized or unauthorised persons. For this reason, medical centres approved by the Ministry of Health should be preferred. With widespread use, we advise you not to risk your health.

Botox practices are carried out by Dr. Muhsine Zeynep Yavuz, who holds the relevant certificates of the Ministry of Health at the Complementary Medical and Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Nişantaşi, Istanbul.

  • Make sure that the botox product to be used is approved by the Ministry of Health. Ask this clearly and get detailed information from the practitioner. You can find out the brand of the product so you can call your right when you need it.
  • Please inform our doctor about your general health status during the consultation. If you have a continuing treatment and any medications you are taking, share them with our doctor. Some medications may reduce the effect of botox or cause side effects.
  • Tell our doctor clearly what you expect from Botox. Our doctor will make you the right, realistic and natural botox practices according to your requirements.
  • Two weeks before you take Botox, stop using medications such as blood thinner, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen.
  • It is preferable for alcohol and smokers to stop drinking a few days before botox.
  • Make sure you're not allergic to the botox content.

The above aspects should be taken into account in order to maximize the benefits from the use of Botox.

What Should or Should not Be Done After Botox? What Should be Considered?

The following are the things that should be taken care of, done and not done after botox:

  • Bruising, swelling, pain and redness may occur in the application area after Botox. These conditions pass spontaneously.
  • Try not to touch the application area.
  • Don't use your facial expressions too much for the first few days.
  • Take a shower with lukewarm water as hot water can reduce the effect of Botox.
  • Do not lean forward or lie down for 3-4 hours after the application.
  • Do not lie on your face while sleeping.
  • Do not exercise after Botox, wait at least 24 hours.
  • Take a break from smoking and alcohol consumption for a while after Botox.

When Does Botox Show Its Effect?

It may take some time for the Botox effect to appear. Botulinum toxin will penetrate the muscle after a certain period of time after it is applied to the desired area. This period may vary depending on the area treated and the size of the problem to be healed. Generally, the Botox effect begins to appear within 7 to 10 days.

Our patients who want to have procedures such as eye contour botox, eyebrow botox, Crow's feet botox, forehead botox, nose and lip botox, migraine botox and armpit botox in a reliable clinic can contact us.